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Discover How to Create Ads Which Give Incredible Results!

Many people decide to spend a lot of money putting their advert all over the internet in the hopes that their web traffic will sky-rocket. Most people end up disappointed. This is usually due to the fact that their ad is just not appealing enough to a scrolling browser. The key to creating an advert which is constantly clicked on can be found by fulfilling these 4 criteria:

  • Getting the reader's attention
  • Getting the interest of the reader
  • Sparking desire within the reader
  • Getting the reader to take action

Getting the reader's attention

This is often the hardest part. Increase the chance of getting a reader's attention by having a large headline, which is short and to the point. Make it simple so that the reader knows exactly what he or she is looking at and make it sound exciting. Arousing excitement in a reader will encourage them to read further into your ad. Your headline should use very positive, catchy words too. Words such as 'profits, breakthrough, discover, guaranteed and exclusive' all sound attractive to a reader. Apart from the headline, make sure your ad is well formatted and is spread out, with not too much information crammed into a small space. If you can, try to use a unique font which will stand out because you have to bear in mind that your ad may not be the only one on the same page. A unique font will get readers' attention over other ads.

Getting the interest of the reader

Once you've done the hardest part; getting the attention of the reader, it is essential that you keep the attention of the reader by interesting them. Tell the reader about what is in it for them. Tell them how your product or service will make their life better. If you can, try to make it sound as though your product or service will make the reader's life easier. People love to know about what will save them time and effort. Tell people about how your offer is unique and of the best value possible. People like knowing that they've got the best value for money and so one of the key purposes of your ad is assuring people that better value for money can be found nowhere else. Tell readers that satisfaction is guaranteed. This puts them in a win-win situation and this is the position that they like being in. They will immediately warm to your offer and will start thinking very seriously about your offer.

Sparking desire within the reader

By this stage you are close to getting the reader to take action. However, the reader will need just a little bit extra to persuade them to buy. You need to provide this, and make your offer sound extremely impressive. One of the best ways to spark desire within your reader is by making your offer sound exclusive. Make it sound like there is nothing else on the internet that compares to your offer. This will make the reader feel like this is an offer just too good to miss. Alternatively you could use curiosity as a motivation for the reader buying your offer. Do this by telling the reader about your offer and using phrases such as 'ultimate secrets will be revealed' and 'discover the hidden ways'. Offering added bonuses is also another very effective way of giving that extra bit of motivation to a reader to take action. Ebooks make very good bonuses because they are cheap to produce and easy to send to a customer. Using a 'mystery bonus' is a great way of arousing readers' curiosity so that they buy.

Getting the reader to take action

Once your reader has decided to take action, they need to know how to contact you and how to order. Make this process very easy for your customers. If the process of ordering is long and complicated, this will look unprofessional and could lead the reader to lose their trust in you. Within your ad, include your email address, your website URL, and all other information that the reader might need to place an order. I thoroughly recommend including a phone number too, because when people have problems ordering they want to talk to someone about it and they do not want to have to wait 24 hours for an email response.

And then you're there, your ad has brought you a sale. Just keep swapping different ads around and keep trying new things. See which ads bring in the most sales. This way you will know what type of ads to use to make the most profit. Remember, creativity is a very important part of online success.

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