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Interview with Book and Marketing Coach-Judy Cullins - Part 1

To know what to do at the right time in book writing, publishing, or Internet marketing, consult a coaching expert who has lived it all for 20 years--Judy Cullins.

Q 1- Would you say there is a difference in marketing tactics for different genres? If so, what kind of promotion would you suggest for, say, authors of children's books, mystery/romance, or non-fiction? If there is no discernible difference, what do you see as the best method of book promotion?

A 1- The best promotion is a natural promotion--that authors will actually do. They can either write or speak. 20 years ago I was a speaker, thinking I didn't know how to write. When the demand came for my health and personal growth how to books, I stepped up and started writing. Dan Poynter inspired me with his idea we can all write non-fiction by reframing the ideas around us in our own unique format. Since then, I have put out 10 print and eBooks on writing, self-publishing and marketing, especially online.

Do you like to speak? Then schedule at least 4 talks a month. When you speak for organizations, you will get paid and may sell books too. Consider no charge talks such as with libraries, service or business organizations.

But, if you are bashful or don't like to speak to groups, then promote by writing. Write short excerpts from your fiction or mystery, or write short articles to post Online in spam-free opt-in ezines with thousands of ready-made subscribers you don't have to hunt for. If you don't know how and want a first step, try out one of the over 125 free articles on my site Take a teleclass to update your skills. If I can learn the online promotion game, so can you. Three years ago, I knew nothing with low sales of around $200 a month. After a web site face-lift, my sales went from $75 a month to over $4000 consistently.

Q 2- As a book coach for 20 years, guest speaker, and leader at workshops and teleclasses, what do published authors most want to know about promoting their books?

A 3-They want someone else to promote for them.

That's not a reality unless they have a huge budget for a publicist. But, I can offer them hope because I recommend they hire a part time computer assistant who knows the Internet from their local high school. I pay my assistant $9.50 an hour. She comes after school from 3:20-4:50PM three or four days a week. Delegating this work is the reason my books sell so well. When I didn't put promotion time and a little money out, nothing happened.

Q 4- In an article entitled "Book Promotion Myths," you state that bookstores sell only 45% of all books, and you question the "big push" to get a wholesaler or distributor into the bookstores when they represent so many other authors and exact about a 55% fee. You cite libraries, the Internet, foreign markets, seminars, back of the room sales and specialty markets as some non-traditional markets. But with the loss of so many mom and pop shops that carry books, there are fewer venues to carry books. Do you have any suggestions for getting books into large chains - such as Walmart or Petco ? or airport shops?

A 4- I think authors are on the right track to get their books into Walmart, Costco or Petco. If, they are patient, persistent, and willing to wait for their sales. They must do this through a distributor though. One of my associates gets her Bargains in San Diego book into Costco each year. She had to go through many hoops and when she does sell books there, she has to wait always over 90 days, but often up to a year to get paid. That's the way of the bookstores, wholesalers, and chains.

Q 5? You state that if an author doesn't like to travel or speak before groups, then writing articles to promote one's book is the way to go. You mention that this method catapulted you to #1 on Google and 35 other search engines with the key word "Bookcoaching." What does this mean? What are the criteria used and where is it stated that you are #?

A 5- The internet changes every day, but even with changes, I'm still on top. You can check by inserting "book coaching" To prove my web site address is listed on 3140 other sites, just put in the two words, "Judy Cullins." The first year I submitted articles I was on 900 sites. Two years later, I'm on 3140 plus.

Search engines sweep our web sites looking for key words. The more appropriate key words you have in your articles up on your site, the headlines for your book's sales letter, and the copy on your home page and others, the higher you rank. For help, contact an Internet marketing coach who has done it all.

On the top ten sites, your site will get a lot of traffic. You must set your web site up to sell your book or service. That means creating a powerful sales letter for each book. Check out my book "Create your Web Site with Marketing Pizzazz" and apply before you contact a Web designer.

Multiply contacts and sales when you submit articles to the opt-in ezines. If you have an ezine, you will boost subscribers 10-25 each time you submit an article. This is viral marketing at its best.

Getting your questions answered by a pro will save you weeks and months of wasted time going in the wrong direction. Use these answers to catapult your book and business sales. Part two of this article is available at

Judy Cullins, 20-year book and Internet Marketing Coach, Author of 10 eBooks including "Write your eBook Fast," and "How to Market your Business on the Internet," she offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says...and Business Tip of the Month at and over 140 free articles. Email her at

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