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Promote Your Books on Talk Shows and Make More Money

Successful authors are convinced that radio interviews are the very best way to reach large audiences and publicize their books. Interviews give authors an opportunity to expound on the topic of their book and disclose personal feelings. While not actively selling, they entice listeners to want to learn more. If you are willing to speak about what you have written, you will certainly make more money. Here's how:

1. Get on all the talk shows you can, especially if you are going to do a book signing! Local, regional, and national prime-time venues, whatever it takes, get on the air as much as you possibly can, as often as you can.

2. Use a great news release, something that grabs attention, holds the reader's interest, and leads them to take positive action. These releases will become part of the media kit you send to book stores and may be faxed to hundreds of radio and television hosts and producers.

3. Send news releases to specific talk show producers and hosts. If you will be doing a book signing in their area, highlight that fact and provide details. There are many sources for lists of television and radio talk shows on the Internet.

4. Do some homework for your interviewer. Provide a short list of questions that might be asked about you and your book during the interview. Refer to them as FAQ's, Frequently Asked Questions. Your recommended questions will make the interviewer's work easier and make them look smarter. Most interviewers will not have time to read your book. The questions will help focus attention on the points you want to get across.

5. Have two books with you when interviewing in person, one for the interviewer, and one for yourself. If you expect to quote or point out a specific page, use paper clips or markers.

6. Be prepared to leave your contact information with the receptionist when you are interviewed in person. Sometimes people call in after you're gone and the station receptionist will have no information to offer unless you have provided it.

7. Always follow up with a thank you note to the person who interviewed you as well as the producer of the show. If possible, also send a note to management complimenting the expertise of the interviewer. Such compliments are appreciated.

Talk show hosts need you. You have special information to share with the world and they have time to fill. Get ready to be entertaining and informative. You sell more books and you may even be invited to do an encore!

Jo Condrill is a professional speaker, author, and consultant. She has conducted successful book signings across the US, including one in Rockefeller Center in New York City. "From Book Signing to Best Seller: An Insider's Guide to Conducting a Successful Low-Cost Book Signing Tour," which was coauthored by John B. Slack, was named the 2002 Best Writer's Reference Guide by the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. Http://

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