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Book Marketing Information

Book Marketing 101 for the Self-Published Author -- Getting Started

No matter what any publisher or marketing company tells you (even the traditional publishing houses), you, the author, are almost 100% the reason your book will sell.

The Booklet Journey Opening a New World

1991 was a pivotal year in my life. My professional organizing business was 8 years old.

Creating a Book Poster

Posters can be a great and inexpensive way to promote your book. But don't rush right out until you know the key items to include on your poster.

What?s Wrong with the Internet? It Must be Broken!

After months of scouring the internet, I could not put my hands on the 2 million links various search engines said were available to do my book promotions. First, let me say I perceive myself as an intermediate user of the internet, but maybe my perception was misguided as I searched and realized I couldn?t put my pointer on the links I wanted.

Marketing Virus ? Every Writer Needs to Catch It

For you writers aspiring to greatness, you might need a virus, before you can be great! You need a Marketing Virus. Every unknown writer needs a virus that will spread like the deadliest bug known to man.

Writing a Book?s Marketing Plan for Maximum Profit

Much has been written about book proposals. But less has been written about book marketing plans. This is wrong!

4 Questions to Answer Before Contacting a Book Agent

Obtaining agency representation is your first step toward getting profitably published. Most publishers won?t even look at unsolicited manuscripts.

How Many Ways Can You License Your Tips Booklet?

You've been thinking about writing a tips booklet. After all, it's shorter, faster, and easier than writing an entire book. A single tips booklet manuscript can be recycled over and over again, developing a new income stream with each deal you make. The booklet can be distilled from a book you've already written, a newsletter you distribute, or from sound bites you continually share with clients, audiences and anyone who will listen.

19 Ways to Secure Non-Returnable Book Sales and Sell More Books

Surprisingly, book stores are not always your greatest source of book sales. Most authors and publishers do want their books to be available in all of the book stores, and rightly so. You want your book to be there, too, but you want to sell more books. You want your book to be a ?household name? ? a topic of conversation in coffee rooms and at dinner tables everywhere. Your publicity campaign is designed to create interest in your book, and to drive buyers to the book store market.

Five Secrets of Winning Book Proposals

Working in the publishing industry comes with a high expectation, especially from complete strangers. After the causal ?hello? progresses to ?what do you do,? and my answer is ?I am a publisher,? the words, like fairy dust, work magic; and in the eyes of my conversation partner, I?m transformed into a glamorous Advice Goddess?would I mind reading this stranger?s book proposal?

Plays Well With Others to Become an Instant Author

You wrote a tips booklet. Maybe more than one. Oh wait, are you one of the people who is still thinking about doing one? Not to worry. Wait ?til you see how easy this gets.

Book Club Sales -- Increasing the Odds

What is a book club sale? It is actually a rights sale or a licensing agreement: you are granting permission to a book club the right to ?borrow? your work. You have written a book, and now you are allowing a book club to print and distribute your book to its members.

Does Your Book Cover Pass the ?Ignore? Test?

Your book cover is the first impression a potential client has with your book. The book cover design and message will determine if your book will be ignored or bought.

Book Marketing 101

Francine Silverman. Book Marketing from A-Z (, 2005). Trade paperback. 400 pages. $18.95 US.

A First Time Authors Publicity Kit Materials

If you're a new author that has been requested to send publicist materials, you may feel left in the dark on what to send. Here's a list of the usual items.

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