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What You Need To Know About Googles New AdWords Affiliate Policy

A lot of affiliates are selling other people's products with AdWords. This has been known as easy money, since no website is required. All you need is a ClickBank ID and you have over 10.000 products to offer your visitors.

When Google changed the affiliate policy in January, many affiliates saw their future AdWords income vanish up in smoke.

Simply because they didn't know how to build a web page, or a Landing page.

Webmasters and others with HTML skills said this was a great thing, because now they "got rid of" a lot of competition.

And this is correct.

Since Google now accept only one ad from a top domain, you really have only 2 options:

1. Start creating your own landing pages

2. Hope your ads have the best CTR, so Google choose your ad instead of all the others selling the same product.

What about those landing pages?

Tests I have been doing shows that in some cases only 50% of the visitors click on to the sales page.

This actually means that you have to send twice as much visitors as before to make the same amount of sales!

What should a good landing page look like?

At least it has to list all the benefits for the product you are promoting.

You should consider collecting the email-address from the visitor before he or she moves on. If you do so you can send them follow-up emails.

But, the most effective technique I have found is to offer your visitors a bonus if they buy the product through your link. Simply tell them to send you an email after they have made the purchase and that you will send them the download-link as soon as you have confirmed the purchase.

For best results, your bonus should be something related to your product.

Since you probably are not able to have a 100% CTR from your Landing page to your sales page, here are a couple of things you should consider:

1. Don't sell products that pay less than $20 commission.
2. Turn off "Content Network" in your campaign settings.

When you have to send more visitors to your landing page, you cannot afford to buy low-targeted traffic.

Happy AdWording!

"The AdWords Junkie", Rolf Arne Trondhjem, has been selling products on Adwords for a long time. His new membership page is offering affiliates landing pages and advanced training in mastering the AdWords program.

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