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Work At Home Business Tip - Test Everything

Dinner With Mark Joyner

About 3 Years ago in Los Angeles I was Fortunate enough to have dinner with Mark Joyner. I was at a Seminar and I was standing in the Hotel Lobby talking with Mike Litman and Mark Joyner came buy and said to Mike let's do dinner, he looked at me and said why don't you Join Us. Mark Joyner was talking about one of his online Programs and how he tested 1000's of Headlines. Mark's Message is you can never test enough. One Small change can have a dramatic impact on Click Thru Rate. Things like Color, Font Size, Wording, Placement all effect your Click thru Rate.

KeyWord Phrases As a Small Work-At-Home Business I realize you probably do not have the resources of a Mark Joyner to do 1000's of tests for 1 Headline, But that shouldn't stop you from Testing. There are lot's of things you can do to test. Let's say you are running a Google Ad Words campaign for your work at Home Business and you are using the Following Keyword phrases

  • Work at Home
  • Work at Home Mom
  • Work at Home Dad
  • Online Business
  • Part Time Income
  • Split Testing

    You can do Split testing. You would Run 2 Different Ads for each Keyword Phrase. You would then see which Ad got better results for each Keyword Phrase. Now that you have found your "Best Ad" So Far for each key word phrase you can now proceed to see if you can find Better Ads for one or more of your Keyword Phrases. Just Continue to do Split Testing with each of your Ads. You can run a Completely Different Ad Against your Best Ad or you can Tweak your Best Ad Slightly.

    Some Tweaks you might try are

  • Changing one or two Words.
  • Changing a Capitalization,
  • Changing Fonts
  • Changing Punctuation Some Ad Word Guru's Maintain you should constantly be running Split Tests always searching for a 'Better Ad'.

    Split Testing works with any type of Ad. You decide to run some Ezine Ads. You want to know which Ezine Pulls best so you run the Same Ad in Each Ezine and see which Ezine(s) received the Best Pull Rate. Now that you know which Ezines Pull Best you can Now Do Split Testing to see which Ezine Ad Pulls Best.

    How Do You Know Which Ad Pulled Best?

    Ad Tracking The Missing Ingredient. Ad Tracker are Like Alias for a Website URL. Let's Say the web page you want to send people too is You would send them to your Ad Tracking link instead. By Seeing which Ad Tracking Link received the Best Click Thru Rate you of Course would know which Ad Pulled Best.

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