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AdWords Campaign Set Up AdvancedTips

Make Your Ads Different

Your completed AdWords ads are going to run right along side everyone else's. You need to use words that will make yours stand out. Again, here is where you need to look at your competitors ads to see what they are saying. Once you've done that, you need to figure out how to make yours stand out.

Don't use the same terms at beginning of titles and sentences. Think of synonyms for more commonly used words. Think of different ways to say things.

Whatever you do, make your ad different. If it stands out, for the right reasons, you will get more clicks.

Run Several Different Ads at Once For Each Ad Group

AdWords allows you to run as many ads as you would like for each " Ad Group" (keyword group). Take advantage of this feature. Don't limit yourself to only one ad. Run two or three different ads for each Ad Group.

Experiment with different wording in titles, different text in the ads themselves and different "Destination URLs" to see which ads get the highest clickthrough percentages and which have the highest conversion rate.

Keep the ads that make you the most money and delete the other ones. You can then try other variations of the ad that converted well to make it even better. Always run more than one ad, even if the "different" ads are very similar.

Even a change to one word can increase your conversion percentages dramatically at times.

Consider Using Different "Destination URLs" for Your Ads

Your website's main page may not be the page that best "converts" viewers into customers. If you're trying to sell one specific product with an ad, don't send people clicking on your ad to your website's main page. Send them directly to the webpage for that product.

You might also consider designing specific "splash" pages for each Ad Group you run. Each of those splash pages can then use the terms you're including in that Ad Group. If your customers see the same terms on your web site that made them click on the ad in the first place, they'll be more likely to buy your product.

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