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Google AdSense - A Quick Overview For Beginners

In Google AdWords, the advertisers' links show up when someone types a certain keyword to Google search engine's box and enters it. The links will show up on the right hand side of the results page.

In Google AdSense, the advertisers' links show up on the third party's page if the rich content of the page is relevant to those ads. In a rich-content website on Internet Marketing, the ads that appear are related to Internet Marketing.

If your rich-content site is about "making money online" and you sign up for Google AdSense, then Google will decide that the proper ads for your page are about "making money opportunity".

To make the right decision which ads should be shown on the third party's web pages, Google applies its Page Ranking technology, which is called content-targeting.

The third party will earn shares with Google everytime visitors click on the ads.

So, if you have a rich content site, signing up for Google AdSense could be fun. If you are accepted by Google (yes, many sites are rejected by Google!), you will be given a code. All you have to do is just paste the code to your HTML page, you decide the location and settings.

Everytime your visitors click on the ads, Google will charge the advertisers for the clicks and share them with you.

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